Air Fryer Turkey Wings

Foreign .com and today I’ll be cooking turkey Wings in the airfryer So what do we need is turkey wings Um seasonings I’m going to use salt Pepper garlic powder and paprika and you Can use any seasonings you like and I’ll Also use a non-stickling spray for Easier cleaner just so turkey doesn’t Get stuck uh stuck to the airfryer Basket Um so I’m going to take out the outside This is gonna spray the non-stick spray And as an alternative to spray you can Also brush the bottom with basket with Vegetable oil or you can admit the spray I feel like it will just make it hard to Clean the airfryer And now I’m going to season the turkey Wings so I’m just using One Wing because That’s all it fits in my airfryer if you Have a bigger airfryer you can add two Wings if they fit And uh cooking temperature and time Would be the same for two So now I’ll just season it And you can rub it the ceilings to use Triggers evenly And now I will flip it over and season The other side Foreign I’m going to put it in the airfryer Basket And now I’ll put the airfryer gasket in

The airfryer And I’m going to set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and I will set The time to 25 minutes Not halfway through cooking time let’s Take out the airfryer basket and let’s Flip the wing over so it Cooks evenly Foreign Now the airfryer is done cooking so Let’s take a look at the turkey wing Look at that perfectly quote so nicely Brown skin it looks amazing now I Recommend measuring the internal Temperature the thickest part just to Make sure it’s cooked through So it should be at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit for the turkey It’s fully cooked um so yours is not Cooked just put it back on the airfryer For a few more minutes Um now let me take it out okay Perfect Look at this swing It looks amazing And the skin looks so crispy Air fry is perfect for cooking turkey Wings Let me try it I’m so excited about Trying it Peace Fully cooked It tastes amazing super tender meat and Crispy skin perfect For a free printable recipe and other

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