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Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer Review

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer Review

The Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer has a 16 quart capacity. With 1300 watt capacity heater, it heats air very fast to speed up the cooking process.

It supports three different cooking modes – you can choose from halogen, infrared heat or convection cooking modes. The ability to choose from different heating modes makes the unit very versatile. If your recipe requires a certain type of heating, you can easily choose it from the settings.

It is an easy to use unit which you can easily enjoy having in your home.

After going through Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer review, you will discover it is among the best units you can buy for your kitchen.

Who is Big Boss Air Fryer for?

When looking for a fryer with different cooking settings

If you are among those who would like a cooker which allows you to select different cooking modes, then the air fryer will be the best choice for you. It comes with three different power options. You can decide to cook using conventional currents where hot air is passed through your food to allow oil less cooking. You can as well decide to apply infrared heat and cook food. The third option involves use of halogen. Different recipes will indicate the right cooking power mode; you will not be restricted on the right mode after you decide to apply the cooking appliance.

Fast cooking process

You do not have to thaw the food before you can start cooking. The air fryer allows you to cook food from the frozen conditions. If you have a large stock of food in your deep freezer, you will enjoy cooking it without any worry. The direct cooking process saves you time and energy because you do not have to struggle with the thawing process. It cooks fast than other models. Up to three times fast cooking is guaranteed. Energy efficient is guaranteed hence making you save on cost.

Allows cooking of healthy foods

Too much fat in your meals can expose you to dangers of high cholesterol levels in blood. Things have been changed due to the introduction of the air fryer. The air fryer comes with oil less cooking process. The different settings available allow you to select high cooking temperature which makes it possible to cook fast. Even when in a hurry to leave your home, you can easily air fry foods if you decide to buy the Big Boss Air Fryer.

Easy to use

The air fryer comes with clear instructions on how to cook different types of food. Think of any recipe where food should be air fried, the air fryer will never let you down. It is made out of the latest technology to speed up the cooking process. You have full control of the air fryer when cooking food due to the inclusion of different features. It works well with most recipes in the market. If you have certain recipes and you will like to apply it in your kitchen, the air fryer will allow you adjust temperature and the cooking mode so that you can achieve the best cooking process.

Who is it not for?

If you would like to use oil in your cooking, then the air fryer may not serve you. The air fryer is made to cook food without application of oil. It is a healthy option you can adopt to make your family members happy. You will avoid health complications related to consuming too much fat. If you love fatty foods, the appliance may not be the best to order.

What I like about Big Boss Air Fryer

No oil needed

When cooking food especially fries, you will have to use a lot of oil. High consumption of oils exposes users to the risk of high cholesterol levels. It is a different case with the air fryer. It allows cooking of food without use of oil. Big Boss Air Fryer allows the best cooking experience. If you consider consumption of oil is exposing you to health issues, then the air fryer can be the best option for you.

Energy efficient

I check on the energy saving features of any appliance I’m about to buy. The air fryer comes with energy saving features. It has a capacity of 1300 watts and the heating process uses the latest technology to save on energy. With 16 quart capacity, it is enough to meet the needs of a medium sized family.

Cooks multiple foods at a time

When looking for ways you can save time when cooking, then the appliance is the best. It can cook up to two favorite foods at a time. The multiple cooking sessions are made possible due to availability of several compartments in the unit. You will not be restricted on the recipes you can cook. It is a versatile cooking appliance you can ever introduce to your home.

What I don’t like

The Big Boss Air Fryer has several features which make it among the best units I have ever come across. There are few drawbacks though which make it challenging to some people. The top part is made out of plastic which can melt if exposed to extreme uses. There are cases where few users have complained of the top part which is made out of plastic melting.

How much does it cost?

The Big Boss Air Fryer is among the least expensive air fryers on the market. The fair pricing of the unit makes it a great appliance to start with if you are operating on tight budget. Others in the same category but from different manufacturers can cost up to three times as much.


The Big Boss Air Fryer has several features which make it among the best low cost appliances you can buy in the market. It features energy saving features, easy to use design and ability to use different power modes. The choice of halogen, infrared and convection cooking allows you to cook many different foods and achieve the best results. It accommodates most fry cooking recipes.

After taking into consideration different features of the air fryer, I can rate it at 7 out of 10.

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