Pretty% | Cosori Dual Blaze 6.8qt Air Fryer Review

Hey everyone, it’s your girl Pretty%. You know I like to cook so I had to finally get me an air fryer to see what the hype’s about. I found this Cosori Dual Blaze Air Fryer on sale for a Black Friday special. I wanted to do a review and see if it’s legit.

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Faster Cooking: Start cooking your food right away without preheating.
Dual Blaze & Better Taste: The dual heating elements, precise temperature controller and our smart temperature algorithm ensure CRISPY, JUICY FOOD
For your Appetite: Air Fry, Bake, Broil, Roast, Keep Warm, Reheat, Chicken, Steak, Seafood, Veggies, Fries, and Frozen. Customize and save 6+6 cooking functions with your preferred time and temperature
Large Capacity: The 9.4 x 9.4 x 4.8 in, 6.8qt basket fits up to 17 chicken wings, without having to stack them on top of each other so they cook more evenly
Smart Notifications: The VeSync app lets you control your air fryer remotely, monitor cooking progress, and activate voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for effortless cooking
In-App Recipes: Get inspired with hundreds of creative and easy-to-follow online recipes from our certified COSORI chefs. Whether you’re cooking an appetizer, entrée, or dessert, we have the perfect recipe for you
Scan-to-Cook: Use the VeSync app to scan multiple types of frozen foods for easy-to-follow cooking instructions and to view your food’s nutrition facts
To Get Accessories: Search B07QHSZGXC to find the original COSORI accessories to assist your healthy cooking with infinite opportunities and easiness
Dishwasher Safe: The BPA-free and made without PFOA basket and crisper plate are detachable, nonstick and dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is never a worry

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What’s up everybody it’s your girl Pretty percent that’s spelled P-r-e-t-t-y with a percent sign you know I love cooking in the kitchen and I am Reviewing something today A kasori air fryer [Music] Before we get started I want you to hit That subscribe button and notification Bell so that you can be up to date Whenever I drop a new video All right let’s see what we got here you Know I’ve always wanted to get one of These air fryers everybody been talking About it I had to wait till I got a Bigger kitchen to get it and thanks to Black Friday sale for Thanksgiving I was Able to get it because sorry dual blade 6.8 quart air fryer I’m gonna open it up And see what we have here [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Guys I just unpacked the kasori air Fryer and it was really easy getting it Out I had to turn it sideways and it Just came out really it just had to Throw away all the foam paper and Everything okay here are the Instructions that they sent and I really Would like to read that first before

Anything getting started oh they bought Gave me a little card here it says you Can scan it scan a QR code and um you Can go online and you can find out all These different exclusive cooking Um recipes okay I have to check that out Later okay But let me go ahead and read the manual And see what it’s all about first First I had to get all the tape off it Was some tape on the side and then on The inside of the tray I had to get a Cardboard out um you want to make sure You take that out first before you cook Because it’ll be a dead fryer instead of An air fryer But um it has this tray in here you have To take it out actually it didn’t come In there yet but it was like this you Have to wash this out and I’ve already Did that and then you want to put the Tray in this way instead of this way I Saw some people online putting it upside Down like they were trying to mess it up But you just put it in after you wash it Off and wipe it down which I’ve done I’m just gonna put it back down and you See I got it down at the bottom they Said make sure you push it all the way Down because when you put your food in Here the oil can fall to the bottom Because it’s kind of like you know some Space down there Um so yeah I wiped it off and everything

And You will put it back in it says you have To do a test run first so I’m gonna make Sure I do that so I plugged it up and it Says to do the test run this has to be On 400 degrees and they have these Errors on here so you’re gonna go up to 400 that’s what we’re gonna do Oh so easy make sure it’s on 10 minutes It said and then it’s on airfry and I’m Gonna press play and let that run All right everybody we did the test run And that took 10 minutes and I took the Tray out and made sure I let it cool Down for 10 to 20 minutes you don’t want To touch it because it is really hot but I’m gonna go ahead and put the chicken In there and I’m not going to overflow It because it says not to overflow your Chicken I seasoned some chicken here We’re not gonna go all into how I season It because this isn’t about how I cook Cooking in the kitchen with pretty Percent this is about the air fryer so I’m gonna press chicken and then it’s Already pre-set it’s gonna take 20 Minutes let’s see how this thing works I’m pulling it out now I’m gonna use Some tongs Put a few pieces of chicken in here All right so I got some chicken wings Put in the tray and it says not to Overflow it because I want it to cook All the way through

I’m gonna put it in here I’m gonna press chicken It’s already preset on 390 degrees and It says it’s going to take 20 minutes I’m about to press play and we’re gonna See how this works I am so excited guys All right so it’s been 20 minutes and We’re about to open up the tray for the Air fryer and see how these Wings turned Out Foreign Wow oh my gosh this is so beautiful They’re pretty it looks better than what I would have did on the stove or in the Oven but can you see it I can pull it Out just a little bit guys That’s how they look and turned out I’ma Let them cool down a little bit like it Says take it out and we’re gonna try Them and see how they are You don’t have to take my word for it I Have a true test taster tell them what You think about these wings And thank you Well there you have it I guess it did The best job that it could and I’m very Impressed we’re very impressed All right so go ahead leave me a comment Let me know if you have an air fryer Which airfryer you have and what foods You made in it I have another batch of Chicken that I’m gonna put in here and Make because we’re going to eat dinner Tonight okay I might even throw some

French fries in there too and until next Time See you later [Music]

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