Review Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer 5.5 Qt How To Make French Fries & Chicken Nuggets

How hot does it get Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL, 5.5 Qt. Capacity that can Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat How to turn it on and how long does it take to make french fries. how many watts is it and what voltage does it use. how big is it and where does the hot air come out.
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Hello everyone this is just a dad today I’m going to do a review on this ninja Airfryer XL this is model number af150 It is 5.5 quarts let’s open it up here So we do have a crisper tray in the Bottom this is all non-stick surface Here we take this out it does have the Silicone feet on here we got to make Sure those are installed this is nice And deep now what I like about those is So when you’ve got this installed say You’ve got french fries in here and you Want to dump your French fries out that Crisper tray is not going to fall out It’s nice and tight in there but when I Want to clean it I can remove it so That’s a really nice feature you want to Make sure that stays in when you were Able to dump your food out So let’s take a look it’s got It’s going To have a fan and a heating element And then around back this is where the Hot air is going to come out but it’s Directed up I like this feature that Makes it very nice so it’s not pointed Straight back I also like that they put these quick Reference stickers on the side now Eventually you can take this off but This is really nice for quick Referencing So it’s got a really nice control panel Very easy to see and operate Percent you’re going to do so if it’s

Off you’re going to turn it on So turn it on we can do airfry air roast Bake preheat or reheat or dehydrate I Normally do airfry we can go all the way Up to 400 degrees Or we can go down On airfry it goes all the way down to 300 degrees Let’s do arrows we can go all the way up To 400 Or down to So air roast it goes down to 250. let’s Go over to bake We can go all the way up to 400 and let’s go down So bake goes down to 250 degrees let’s Go to reheat and go all the way up to 400 let’s go down so reheat it goes down To 270 degrees Okay so let’s go over to dehydrate the Lowest is 105 let’s go up So on dehydrate the highest is 195. Let’s go back to airfry then we can Change the time this is in minutes And then when you got your temperature And your time set you’re just going to Hit the start button If you want to pause it hit the pause Button or if you’re all done just hit The power button It’s got a nice big basket so right Around almost five inches deep with the Crisper tray in and right at eight and a Quarter wide

Okay so let’s make a little meal I got Some chicken nuggets they’re all Frozen And some french fries Okay so let’s put it in Let’s turn it on And my quick little reference here says Frozen french fries is 350. so let’s go 350 and it says for 20 minutes now I’m Going to hit the start button Now ninja just say for best results you Should preheat so set it on the Temperature you’re going to bake it at And do three minute preheat And then after the three minutes put Your food in that crisper tray and all That’s going to be very hot and then Cook it for your 20 minutes So let’s say you want to change so while This is cooking let’s say you want to Change the temperature just just come up Here and select the new temperature you Want so that say 345 it’ll stop flashing It’ll beep at you and it’ll memorize it And same with the time say I want oh I Want to add another minute let’s add Another minute it’ll stop flashing and Then it’ll memorize it [Music] So it is important An eye on your food you can just open This up shake your food and put it right Back if you want you can pause it that Kind of shuts the fan and the heater off But if you’re really quick you can just

Kind of shake it put it back in and hit Start okay so it’s been about 10 minutes The air fryer is not super loud we get Some hot air coming out there and here So be very careful Okay nine minutes to go let’s take a Look they’re doing really good let’s Give them a good Shake Put it back in Okay so it’s finishing up here when it’s All done it does say the word end I’m gonna grab our food there’s our food It looks really good Again we can just dump everything out Put it back Now the fan is going to run for just a Little bit to kind of cool that heating Element So the fan ran for about another 10 Seconds and now it says the word off it Shuts off So here’s my French fries and chicken Nuggets Okay so let’s go over cleanup again we Can put both of these parts in the Dishwasher So if you want to make some chicken Nuggets or some fish sticks or or french Fries these make really good meals And again I like that the screen it’s Very easy to clean and these are actual Buttons like you can feel you’re Pressing a button So I hope this video helps thanks

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